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When you have a series of photos with same problems you don't need to process them one by one. You can open the first photo to refine it and then apply to others.

The steps which can be applied to other images shall be 'contents independent', which means the parameters shall be same between images. We call those steps the 'automation-steps'.

An automation-step can be any filters and functions EXCEPT: Apply steps

  1. Functions related to contents, such as 'Cropping', 'Content aware resizing', 'Visual changes', etc.
  2. Filters where a selected area is applied.
  3. Filters where the 'Apply' button is clicked.

You can easily tell an automation-step in the history window by a robot icon ahead. After the first image has been processed, click the big robot icon on history window to apply all automation-steps to other photos. With this feature the job becomes easy when the basic and global adjustments need repeating on serials of photos.

You can also save the steps into a 'Scheme' file for later use in 'Instant filer' or 'Batch processing'.