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A selected area is useful when editing locally. In default, a processing will affect a whole image. When a selected area is specified, only the selected part will change during the processing.

You can use selecting tools to make a selection. In the program, the most common selecting tool is 'Polygon selecting tool' which operates as follows:

  • Click to start. Click around the object to define the shape. Move back to the start point and click to close selection.
  • Double click can end selection too.
  • Right click can undo the last point.
  • If a selection is already existed, press ‘Shift’ to start clicking means ‘add selection to the existed’.
  • Press ‘Ctrl’ means subtract.

When a selection is ready, you can use the small tool bar over it for modifications include feather, expanding, etc. You can click the 'Store current selection to area mask' button on 'Area' table to save it in list. The areas in the list can be selected and switched in all 'Filter dialog' (Refer to 'Filter dialog' in 'User interface' chapter and the workflow).

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