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Quick Start - In 9 Steps !

Welcome to Recomposit ! Here I will use 9 steps to introduce the basic usage of the program Recomposit.


1 In abum, find and click to select your photo in the folder, like system explorer:


2 Double click to view it, and click 'Edit' button to edit it.


3 Now you enter the editor window. The wizard window will pop up to help you find the function you need.


4 The other functions can be found at left side of the window; On the right side are tools, layers, areas, and history. Click on table name can expand or fold them.


5 Need cut out objects (Photo masking), click on 'Matting' button for 2 methods, "chroma-key" and "inside/outside".


6 Chromakey can mask photos with blue or green background. Just use the color picker to click on the backgound.


7 Inside/Outside matting can mask photo with any background. Use green polygon select inside, blue for outside and click button 'Matting (Apply)'


8 For both methods, click 'Apply and Return' to pop up 'After matting dialog', you can change background here or save masking result to a file.Change background is easy, click and select new background file, and transform the object to a right position then 'OK'.


9After editing, click 'save' button. You can directly save back or choose a quick save preset on right. (normally 'Good quality')


More information, please continue read the help file!


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