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There are simple flipping, rotating and distortion correction functions in the transform menu. Here we need to introduce 'Image size' and 'Content aware resize' more.

Image size

The default 'Advanced' is a combination of our optimised algorithms for enlarging and scale down.

The enlarging algorithm will enhance the edges to make them look as sharp as the original. This is good when enlarging a graphic style image or an image with clear edge. Uncheck 'Keep edge vector' to disable this feature and you will get a smooth outputting.

There is another algorithm called 'Fixed x2' which enlarges a photo to 2 times fix. This algorithm brings great results when the input image has a perfect quality (low noise and no jpeg artifacts). Much better than using the default method.

The above picture shows the difference between algorithms for enlarging. You can see the comparisons to the bicubic method, which is a standard method, the advanced algorithm output has a smoother and sharpened edge.

The 'Fixed x2' algorithm has the clearest result. When decreasing the image size, another algorithm is used in the 'Advanced' mode. This algorithm support 'Details' and 'Sharpness' as its parameters. Which can brings more clearly small images like below.

Content aware resize

When printing a photo the paper may have a different ratio to the photo. For example, you have a 4:3 photo need printing on 6 inch paper which is 3:2 in ratio. The common way is cropping a photo to the ratio or leaving blanks in the border. The cropping will cut things out and leaving the border blank looks imperfect. Now, the 'Content aware resize' function will help you solve this problem. The basic idea of this function is; if pixels need removing from the photo to change the photo the most 'unimportant' pixels will be removed first to retain the important content. The program will judge which part of the photo is more important and which is less important. When changing the ratio it removes the least important part.


Sometimes the program will make a mistake in judging the content. When this happens distortion will appear. To prevent it you need to select the main objects called 'protected area' before entering this function. The pixels in 'protected area' will be kept unchanged until it has to.

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