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The Recomposit/Light Developer program provides a 'searching mode' to navigate your photos. Click on the 'magnifier' icon on left-bottom corner, beside the 'folder' icon to enter the searching mode.

The first time running 'searching mode' you need to specify the photo folders where the scanning thread will build the database. After that, in next time you start up, which means you cannot use it in first time, the Light Developer program will scan the photos in background.

After at least 1 loop of scanning over you can expand the tree to see the result, based on a database, well sorted by time, tags and GPS location. Obviously, only photos with EXIF can be catalogued and sorted here.

You can also create a new folder under folder 'User defined searching' by clicking on the 'Create new searching catalog' button..

Here is a sample how to use this function. I want to find all photos taken by my Nokia cell/mobile phone, I set it like this:

Name: Nokia, Have Exif Data: Yes, Meker keywords:Nokia

Then I need filter out photos in the searching folder Nokia which time after 2012, I build a subfolder under 'Nokia' to inherit the settings and input new::

Name: Recently, Photo Time (EXIF): Range, From 2012-01-01 to 2099-01-01

Inherit is a very important feature for searching the based folder. This feature makes it possible to build trees which catalog your photos with time, tag, camera, file nameā€¦ making it flexible as it can. The tree is permanent until you delete it manually. So the searching based folder is actually a virtual folder which gives you a chance to arrange your photos with different ways as the physical folder structures.

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