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There are 3 '8bf' files in the installation folder of the program. Copying them to the 'plug-in' folder of the Photoshop program, or other compatible program, will make the Light Developer run as plug-ins of them. The plug-in supports 8bits and 16bits per channel RGB colour space as input.

The 3 plug-ins are ‘Edit’, ‘Chromakey matting’ and ‘Inside/outside matting’. Open a photo in the Photoshop and select menu 'Plug-in/Recomposit or LightDeveloper/…' will start the program with the according working mode. After editing over, click on 'Apply and Return' will return to Photoshop with the result.

  • Light Developer: edit plugin included
  • Recomposit: 'Chromakey' and 'Inside/outside matting' included
  • Recomposit pro: All 3 plugins
Some functions that may change the size of image are disabled in ‘Edit’ mode.

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