Stepok RAW Importer

Free Raw Converter and Importer for all cameras

Stepok Raw Importer is a FREE, user friendly RAW importing and converting tool based on DCRAW. Our software is compatible with most camera models and assists you in converting camera RAW format files step by step into high quality JPEG files. Stepok RAW converter also supports batch converting and basic editing too.

Stepok RAW Importer is derived from the basic version of Recomposit, sharing the same kernel.

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There are5 reasons to choose this tool:

  • Compatibility
    Stepok RAW Importer is compatible with a wide range of common camera RAW formats including:
    • Canon RAW CR2,CRW;
    • Kodak RAW DCR;
    • Adobe Digital Negative DNG;
    • Konica Minolta MRW;
    • Nikon NEF;
    • Olympus ORF;
    • Fujifilm RAF;
    • Leica RAW,
    • Contax RAW,
    • Casio RAW;
    • Sony SRF …
  • Quality
    Stepok RAW Importer provides quality results interpolated by the AHD algorithm andfull control of exposure, dynamics, colour, while balance and focus in 16bit channel space (48bit color).
  • Batch Conversion
    Stepok RAW Importer provides powerful batch conversion of RAW files and 'Apply to others' workflow.
  • Previews & Thumbnails
    Stepok RAW Importer supports previews and thumbnails of all RAW files.
  • It is FREE!
Stepok RAW Importer is the basic version of Recomposit, for more powerful functions, please see Recomposit program.


Quick Start

  • Develop/Convert single RAW file. Select a RAW photo from the Album. And click 'Edit'.
  • Develop one file, adjust it and apply to others. Select and 'Edit' one RAW file, then using 'Film aspect adjusting' to set the exposure and color. Then click the 'robot icon' on history list to apply the steps to other RAW files.
  • Convert multiple RAW files without adjustion. Select them and click on 'Batch processing'. In Batch processing, select a 'Save scheme' and save them in general file formats, include Jpeg.
  • Quick converting. Select files and press F2 (rename), select file extension to other formats.

DOWNLOAD Latest version v2.8, Mar 24, 2016.


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